the future of energy.


We founded 8m group with the idea of contributing to the energy transformation and preparing our countries for the needs of the 21st century. We believe that we too can contribute to cheap and clean energy, the energy of the future.

Every day we are dedicated to developing renewable energy projects from the first idea to the final project. We operate primarily in the home countries of our founders, i.e. the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but we are also expanding our activities in the CEE region. In Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia, we work with local developers and experts with superior local knowledge.

We have a young and dynamic team that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our projects. We work with world-leading players, which allows us to develop our targets on a large scale and use the world's best technology.

We know we have all the tools necessary to achieve our goals.

The future of energy. Today.



We believe that every successful project must meet a basic condition - it must be beneficial for all parties. That's why we actively work with landowners, municipalities and local communities, as well as large electricity consumers.

It is in our DNA to provide the highest quality and professionalism. Every project we work on we approach with this mindset. We are constantly looking for ways to expand our portfolio of projects and improve the quality of our outputs - but to do so, we need to work with the community.


Based on our long-term experience, we have identified several criteria that we consider essential to maintaining ecological, technological, or aesthetic standards that we follow. These include:

  1. Low-quality soil - We select low-quality land and also listen to local farmers and reflect on their experiences.
  2. Low visibility from populated areas - We understand the concerns of locals about the destruction of their environment and landscape. We believe that these changes can be made cautiously.
  3. Minimum size of 8 hectares - To make our work meaningful and benefit the local community we need to build large projects. However, the minimum size of 8 hectares is not an obstacle, we are prepared to also work on smaller projects if it is advantageous.

As you may not know, our projects also help the soil. There is a whole range of independent studies that demonstrate the positive impact of photovoltaic power plants on the soil and local biodiversity. The soil erodes less, retains more water, and hosts a variety of small animals and birds without disturbance. Moreover, it is planted with meadow flowers, which provide a source of food for butterflies and honey bees.


We supply green electricity directly from our power plants to businesses. Direct purchases from our group provide financial security by fixing costs for a medium to long term (5 to 20 years). Direct access to reliable and certified renewable energy sources also allows us to reduce energy consumption costs and decarbonize them. Thanks to our supply, businesses can meet European responsibility requirements (ESG), which gives them access to cheaper resources. For businesses, there is no better cooperation than the one with us.

In addition to electricity, we also supply hydrogen to large customers, primarily through pipelines running from our power plants located ideally close to the point of consumption. Such projects require a deep knowledge of our clients, their needs and the utmost trust. You can rely on us. Now and always.


As part of our projects, we closely cooperate with municipalities, which become significant partners for us. Power plant locations are a sought-after target for investors who demand a clean and environmentally friendly energy source. Such interest brings new opportunities for the development not only of metropolises but also of areas that have often been neglected. However, we do not rely solely on passive benefits and actively support municipalities ourselves. We always look for solutions "tailored to measure," so the form of cooperation may differ based on individual needs. For example, we offer long-term cheaper energy, support for infrastructure projects, or regular contributions to the budget. We stick to three main goals, which are:

  1. to support the development of the municipality and its inhabitants
  2. to increase the municipality's income
  3. to contribute together to the creation of a better and greener future

We believe that the aesthetic aspect of each project is an essential part of its implementation. We always strive to do projects as if we were designing them next to our own homes. We also listen to people and their opinions, which we then try to incorporate into our projects as much as possible.



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Do you want to be part of a young team in a start-up that is trying to change the world? Do you want to manage projects? Or do you want to advance your career? We can offer you all of this! We are happy to wait for a good person and, at the same time, we like to train our future project managers. We will teach you everything step by step, and you will get to work on interesting projects that you will be in charge of. The only thing we expect from you is the willingness to develop yourself. We enjoy what we do, and even more when we know that our mission is to improve life and safety not only in our country but also in the entire Central European region, thanks to our solar power plants.

So, will you join us in creating the future of energy?